The Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series

First combination of a screen- and digital textile printing machine.

As an add-on to your regular Kyo Series available.


Digital printing,
screen printing or a combination


Every print can be personalized

Easy to use

Operate printer with our intuitive software on a touchscreen

Environmentally friendly

Our inks are OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified

Flash dryer

Includes a dryer for a more rapidly and textile friendly process

Back view

Front view

Durable digital textile-  and screen printer designed for the industrial use

The Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series provides digital textile production on an industrial scale. With our new direct to garment and screen printer it is possible to stay ahead of the technological curve in the garment decoration market. Digital dtg printing was once used for low volume or novelty production, but thanks to our new technology, it can now become the industrial production method for garment decoration. High resolution printing beginning with a native 600 dpi resolution enables new design possibilities.

The Aeoon Kyo Hybrid combines the direct to garment printing technology with the screen printing technique. The new Series allows a maximum of flexibility. You can choose between digital printing, screen printing or a combination of both.


  • pin-sharp 600 dpi quality prints
  • printing on complex fabrics possible
  • no pretreatment needed
  • unlimited design possibilities
  • only a few seconds of drying
  • 2 or 3 axes possible
  • screen adjustment up tp 0.001 mm possible
  • incl. an app for screen settings (tablet)

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