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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions about our machines, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can we print different files for short runs?

Absolutely, yes. You have full control. The costumization is easy and you can generate a fast output even while having different products at the same time.

Different pallet sizes can be used at the same time, as well as different garment colours, garments and designs.

Our machine is designed to print on an industrial level to get a production without any delays.

How can I print faster?

If you want to get faster prints you do NOT need to take compromises in resolution. We have 600 dpi resolution with every pass and, therefore, an extremely high quality. The more passes you want (more vibrant colors/white layer), the longer it will take.

In addition for being so fast, we are one of the few enterprises who have our own electronics controll on our Kyocera printheads.

How can I print on different sizes of garment and on the maximum printing size?

You can adjust different pallets on your Aeoon printer to be able to print on different sizes.

The maximum printing sizes for our machines are as follows:

  • Aeoon Kyo Series: 92 x 98 cm/3 pallets (36 x 38.5 inch)
  • Aeoon Compact Series: 50 x 70 cm/2 pallets frameless (20 x 27.5 inch)
  • Aeoon Flatbed Series: 420 x 375 cm (165 x 147 inch)
How can I print on different types of facbric?

Printing on different types of fabric can be achieved with our inks and the pretreatment we offer. Dark colors for example need to be pretreated. A dryer or a heatpress finishes the printing process and you will get a stunning colour durabiliy.

How to purchase an Aeoon product?

Our Aeoon products can be purchased directly from our Aeoon partners in over 113 countries. We offer you excellent worldwide support for your concerns.

Before buying a product you can visit us at our trade show appearances or request a visit in Cali, the UK and Bulgaria, or visit us at our headquarters in Austria. Additionally, you can get your own sample packages before an on-site presentation.

What machine training do you offer?

First, you will get a training by our staff while your machine gets installed. In case of problems we will aid you in the best way possible.

Additionally, we offer different kind of trainings in Austria:

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Print Training
  • Color Management Training
What maintenance is required?

We constructed our machines with the high purpose of a minimum maintenance for our customers. Following this routine you will save time and money as well as get the most out of your printer for as long as possible.

  • Daily maintenance: usuallly can be done within a few minutes
  • Weekly & Monthly maintenance: very easy and can be done by the customer itself (training during installation)
  • Yearly service by our technicians
Which software is needed to run the machines?

The only thing needed for the full control over the printer is our RIP-Software. It prepares all files for printing (png, jpg, svg,…) and, if applicable, it generates a white underbase and synchronizes all the files with the machine.

Plus, we have a “Web to Print”- Workflow. There is an automatisation which allows you the complete integration from your onlineshop. The files are automatically ripped and sent directly to the machine.

Why are your printers so fast?

There are a few points responsible for the rapid workflow and output:

  • There is no extra waiting time for the pretreatment, as the PTB machine is outside the printer and you can pretreat the garments in stock.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning necessary.
  • No need to prepare your file. The RIP-Software automatically generates the printable file incl. white underbase.
  • Kyocera KJ4B heads print extremely fast, with highest precision drops per 2544 nozzles, 600 dpi native resolution, no additional passes or slower printing for increasing the resolution.
  • Printing up tp 4 t-shirts at the same time continuously.
  • Automatic printing order guarantees fast prints without any delay.
  • You have full control over the print queue, print settings, positioning via the machine’s touchscreen etc.
  • Pallets can be exchanged within seconds (unique automatic pallet lock via one button).
  • Printing with different pallets at the same time is possible.
How much does printing cost?

Well, it always depends on the size you want to print as well as the different garments and colour brightness.

Here are some examples printed on 20 x 20 cm.


On black garments the price varies between : 0.05 – 0.09 € per print

On white garments the price varies between: 0.02 – 0.04 € per print