Our Product Range

Get the best out of your design

…by using a customized printer with a maximum speed of 1280 garments per hour (A4)

aeoon Kyo Series

up to 1280 garments per hour (A4) | up to 2400 dpi | up to 92 x 98 cm printing area

aeoon Kyo Link Series

automated workflow | beamer system | scanner for each print queue

aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series

up to 1280 garments per hour (A4) | up to 2400 dpi | up to 50 x 70 cm printing area

aeoon Compact Series

up to 950 garments per hour (A4) | up to 2400 dpi | up to 50 x 70 cm printing area

aeoon Flatbed Series

up to 400m² per hour (A4) | up to 2400 dpi | up to 420 x 375 cm printing area

aeoon Compact Micro

Slim and elegant design | new software | workflow automation available

aeoon PTB Serie

up to 930 garments per hour (A4) | up to 100 x 300 cm printing area

aeoon Dryer

gas or electric | 1, 2 or 3 belt possible| inlet length up to 200 cm

aeoon folding machines

up to 1.000 garments per hour |semi- and full-automatic

aeoon Heatpress

heatingplate covered with teflon | up to 40 x 50 cm printing area

1. Rip

aeoon RIP Software


Our aeoon RIP Software* prepares all files for printing (.png, .jpg, .svg,..), if applicable, generates a white underbase and synchronizes the files with the machine.

2. Print

aeoon CMYK + White


During the printing process, the aeoon White Underbase is applied and the  aeoon CMYK*  colours are printed on top of it.

3. Cure

aeoon Dryer


For the best durability the freshly printed garment needs to be cured in a dryer (170°C, approx. 2 min with aeoon Dryer*).


Fits to your business needs


The aeoon direct to garment printer is adaptable, which means you can upgrade and add features such as printheads, a laser system or custom pallets on the long run.


Personalize your prints in pin-sharp quality


Direct to garment printing makes short runs more affordable. Simply insert the garment in the pallet and press the print button. This reduces the setup costs and the time consuming pre-printing processes to a minimum.


up to 1280 garments per hour (A4)


Our aeoon printers are designed to give you the opportunity to react immediately to the demands of your customers and meet the demand for a high volume industrial production. Even just in time, printing and delivery is possible with up to 40.000 ink drops per second.

Pretreatment (OPTIONAL)

aeoon Pretreatment


For an astonishing result on dark garments, an aeoon Pretreatment* liquid should be applied before printing.


Less space available? No problem!


Our aeoon Process is flexible, depending on your garments you won’t need any pretreating. There are pretreated t-shirts already available and ready to print.


aeoon automation process


We can support you with arranging a better workflow. Beginning with an online shop integration on your website over to a number on your t-shirt for tracking the actual workflow step.