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“They’ve gone for absolutely top quality components and, importantly, they’ve also taken out a lot of the maintenance issues that have dogged some other D2G printers.

For example, wiping the heads requires a very simple process of moving the heads to a certain position and giving them a quick wipe – it’s very clever what they’ve done!” Peter Joyce, TOT 

Visual Communication

Published: January 2019 (pl.)

Sign and Display

Published: February 2019 (hu.)

Das Magazin

Published: January 2019 (germ.)

Echo Top 100

Published: June 2018 (engl.)

Images Magazine

Published: Juni 2018 (engl.)



Published: May 2018 (es.)

Visual Communication DACH

Published: Mai 2018 (dt.)

Images Magazine

Published: Mai 2018 (engl.)

Visual Communication

Published: April 2018 (pl.)

FESPA Show Preview 2018

Published: April 2018 (engl.)


Published: April 2018 (fr.)



Published: March 2018 (es.)


Images Magazine

Published: March 2018 (engl.)

Visual Communication

Published: February 2018 (ger.)

Grafica Flextronica

Published: October 2017 (engl.)


Published: September 2017 (ital.)

Stitch & Print International

Published: September 2017 (ger.)

ECHO – Top 100 Kufstein

Published: June 2017 (ger.)

TVP –  Fachzeitschrift für Textilveredlung und Promotion

Published: May/June 2017 (ger.)

Hosiery & Textile Journal

Published: September/October 2015 (engl.)

The Indian Textile Journal

Published: September 2015 (engl.)

Grafica Flextronica

Published: September 2015 (engl.)

PrintWeek India

Published: August 2015 (engl.)

Grafica Flextronica

Published: August 2015 (engl.)

Screen Print India

Published: August 2015 (engl.)

Stitch World

Published: August 2015 (engl.)

Grafica Flextronica

Published: July 2015 (engl.)

Grafica Flextronica

Published: – (engl.)


Published: October 2014 (engl.)

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