What a week!

Indeed. aeoon has been to so many fairs and has met so many new people in the last two weeks that we actually are kind of exhausted. But do not fear! Nothing can keep us from answering your questions or welcome you at our headquarters. Let’s just recapitulate:

We have been to the C!Print in Spain and had some magnificent time with our visitors and actually we got some Spanish lessons there. It was amazing: and believe us, our pronunciation is not that bad!

Also, the ASFW was an amazing adventure full of new insights and great conversations. You may have seen on our social media channels that our dearest Ioannis had a great time with a very happy customer. He was even wearing one of our prints, just because he liked the hand feel and our printing quality! Let us say: that makes us really proud.

And what about the TMT Expo, you may ask? Well, we have been there for the first time in our history. To cut this short: it was a very interesting experience and the visitors have amazed us by their huge knowledge about us and their very specific questions. Unfortunately, we didn’t exhibit the Kyo Hybrid at this fair, but for all of you who still want to see our newest addition: you are welcome to visit us in Austria anytime. Or watch our for the next time we present this printer of interest to the public on a fair.

Meanwhile, we hope to have given you the information needed at the fairs and make sure to check up our information on this site or contact us for more information.

Stay tuned!

Your aeoon team