Win more clients with aeoon

There have been some pretty interesting topics that have been discussed in various fairs so far. What advantages do aeoon printers have in comparison to other brands – is just one of many questions we encounter. Let us say: there are many!

But as you already know that we can deliver the fastest and best results, we thought to give you some additional input. This week we launched a new video on YouTube telling you some facts and truths about how it is worth changing to an aeoon printer.

The CEO of MyLocker in Detroit, Robert Hake, tells you the reasons for his decision to change to multiple aeoon printers. Additionally, Joshua Machin, head of DTG tech at MyLocker, talks about how easy it is to work on our machines.

Take a look at this exclusive talk with MyLocker about our aeoon printers.

Stay tuned for more information!